Preparing your listing for Photos with

Professional photography is a great marketing investment. Getting your listing “photo-ready” for the big day is similar to preparing it for a showing. Of course, you want everything to be perfect because after all, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Except this time, your first impression may potentially reach hundreds or thousands or viewers. The best thing is to walk in with an open mind, just make sure everything is neat and tidy, and leave the photography to the photographer. Remember that homes are set up for living not professional photography, so here are some helpful hints:



On-site Approval of Images

Please ensure you are happy with the photography at the time of shoot. If you require a specific angle or shot, please communicate to the agent or photographer at the shoot or ideally at the time of booking.

Final Suggestions

The best thing to do is keep things simple as possible. No one wants to see lots of clutter, so clean and neat is key. All rooms should be bright and airy, and keep distractions to a minimum. After that, just let the photographer do what they do best, and your property will show itself!