High quality, professional photography is the centerpiece of every marketing campaign.

At IMAGEination we take pride in our ability to deliver one of the most consistent photography products on the market, showcasing each property in its best possible light.

We do this by investing in talented, creative and professional photographers who are well trained in the technical, styling and service components, providing the highest level of care and attention demanded by today's real estate professionals.

Our photographers work closely with a team of Photoshop experts who professionally color correct and enhance every single image, resulting in a photography product that is second to none.

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When used effectively, words play a significant role in attracting the right attention and are an essential component of every marketing campaign.

IMAGEination copywriters are highly experienced, specialist real estate writers, providing original, professional copy. We work with you to identify the property's key selling points, crafting the right words to complement your marketing material and we ensure that your copy templates are set up correctly for each advertising publication so that proofing / editing our copy is error-free.


Professionally shot online video tours showcase a property more comprehensively than any single marketing tool available, presenting the property, the location and surrounding lifestyle options in one easy-to-digest cinematic package.

From a vacant block of land to a penthouse apartment, to auction, agent and company videos, our crews provide you with the on-site service, the technical expertise and extensive real estate knowledge to produce the very best video productions possible.

Viewable across the web, on real estate portals, mobile devices, social media sites, on DVDs and even TV, our video productions provide a great return on investment for any marketing budget.

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A fundamental component of every real estate campaign, our floorplans offer a 2D illustration detailing the entire layout of a property. They help consumers visualize and understand the relationship between rooms and their dimensions, providing an overall perspective to the property.

Choose between black and white, color, textured and now 3D, our floorplans go through a 3-step quality assurance process, ensuring that regardless of the size or shape of the property, your plans will be as accurate as possible.

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digital media

We provide a range of dynamic products that sit under our digital media banner.

These products package up and display our premium content across a range of interactive platforms such as web, social media and mobile and have been created to provide exceptional value to any listing.

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A high impact, low cost platform for showcasing your listing, an IMAGEcast is a multi-media presentation, combining together your existing property photography, with lifestyle images and a professional voice over recording, edited then delivered as a video file.

virtual inspection

A virtual inspection is an interactive version of your floorplan, displaying in one easy to navigate page, the interaction of your existing floorplan layout, your property photography, and your video content which can be added to your website, and viewed from any of the web portals.


IMAGEshowcase is a full-screen imaging experience, showcasing our premium content in the best possible way - full screen. Integrating high resolution images, property information and video, IMAGEshowcase provides the consumer with the ultimate property search experience.